Why Have a Mobile App?

The internet as we know it is dying and mobile devices and tablets are taking over. We now live in a mobile world. The mobile revolution is in full swing, and the future belongs to businesses that use the power of mobile app to make themselves accessible to customers from one convenient location, no matter where their customers are.
Everywhere you look these days there are signs that mobile is taking over. Experts forecast that by 2013 mobile phones will count for more internet use than pcs and laptops combined.

So if you want to get more customers and make more money a mobile app is the way to go.

There are plenty of expert app developers out there who will tell you that this means you will have to spend thousands of dollars to hire their MIT programmers to put together a state of the art app for you.

If you like spending extra money for no extra value this would be the way to go. But if you want to put together a fully customizable app that is affordable and effective with features like:

  • GPS Directions that give customers turn by turn directions from anywhere in the world
  • Push Notifications that send instant messages whenever you wish. 4-9% of emails get opened, 97% of Push Notifications get read.
  • Brand Loyalty that strengthens your base by offering customers special discounts
  • And so much more. See All our Features.

At App Solutions For You, we develop affordable, state of the art mobile apps for your business. We then publish it to the iTunes Store and Android Market Place so your customers can download your apps directly to their iPads, iPhones, and Androids.

In the past, building mobile apps was not something small business thought about because of the cost of building an app was an expensive undertaking, demanding teams of programmers, designers and developers.

Facts are obvious:

  • By 2013, there will be more smartphones than human beings in the world
  • Iphone users have downloaded 30Billion Apps from the App Store
  • Mobile Apps generated more than twice as much revenue as Facebook did in 2011
  • Mobile App use has doubled in just 1 year
  • Retail Mobile Apps increased by 350% in just 1 year